What's it all about?

*ESD within copy stands for Espin-Scott & Dunsmore

BUSY BEES is a charity pop-up shop raising funds for families in need in the Waikato.  The pop up shop operates each week, Thursday through Saturday and is situated in the Union Parish Centre, corner Queen and Bryce Streets, Cambridge. Open 10am to 2.00pm all three days.  Great parking!  You'll find the Busy Bees team through the door at the Bryce Street entrance.

BUSY BEES warmly welcomes you as a shopper, a donator, or both!

BUSY BEES was founded by Brenda Rameka and Betty Busst, both grandmothers, raising grandchildren.

As parents, ESD understand how expensive it is to raise kids from littlies through to teenagers.   
We wanted to support and contribute, but ... HOW?

Our How?

One of the most expensive items in the shopping trolley is toiletries. 
When ‘feeding’ a family is the focus, toiletries become a lesser priority. 
So, here was the gap we figured we could fill.

We’re kicking off with a “bi monthly” programme, starting AUGUST.
AUGUST/SEPTEMBER will be toothbrush and toothpaste months.  Feel free to throw in some floss. 
Go wild!

At the end of the period we will hand over what has been donated to BUSY BEES to distribute to “families in need’ as they see fit.  They may wait and make up toiletry packs to give to families.

Your How?

Please join with ESD this AUGUST/SEPTEMBER and purchase a toothbrush or toothpaste or both. How easy is that?

Phone Deb or Steph and we will pick up from you or you can pop into the Sheridan office and put your contribution into our toothbrush and toothpaste collection containers.


     021 706 455


      021 441 706

We’re in the Prince Albert Arcade | 75 Victoria Street, Cambridge  

How are we doing?

Click here to see how many 'unit' donations we receive. We'll update weekly and will also post on our Facebook page.

When we collect from you, or drop off to us, there will be a 'supporters' register should you wish to sign. We'd love to add your name as 'a supporter' of The Replacement Programme.

So ... While we are starting small, collectively we can achieve BIG!